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What commercial radio frequencies does Japan use?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Eric Sta. Ana, Jul 28, 2003.

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  1. Am helping a friend who got a used Japanese radio and in the process
    of getting it to work in the Philippines. We use the standard FM
    frequencies here. I was just wondering if Japan used a different set
    of frequecies with their radio tuners.

    My theory is, if Japan use the same range of FM frequecies then it
    should be able to grab the FM signals from our country. But if they
    use a different range which I suspect, similar to their TV signals
    then we might have to change the tuner of the radio. According to him
    he can only get 3 channels from the radio. Would appreciate some
    comments from anybody familiar with Japanese commercial radio
    frequencies. Thanks.

  2. In Japan FM broadcasting band is 76 - 90 MHz whereas most of the world
    use 87.5 - 100/104/108 MHz band.
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    Japan's FM band is 76-90 MHz, most of the world use 88-108 MHz. This
    means you can only listen to TV channel 5 (Manila's ABC5) & 6 plus FM
    stations transmitting within 88-90 MHz.

    Try and do a search for "FM band expander", most of the
    products are geared for car audio though.

    Another option is to modify the FM front end. Modification is not
    practical for digital/synthesized tuners in general.

    Good luck!


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