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What Brand Hard Drive??

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by talented79, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. talented79

    talented79 Guest

    What 30GB, brand, hard drive can go in the GateWay Solo 3150 LS,
    besides Apricorn theirs is so high. thanks in adavance
  2. Barring unusual proprietary factors, if that computer has anything
    like a standard BIOS that can have the HDD type set to Auto, or can
    have the parameters entered manually, just about any HDD of that size
    should work, if any 30G has worked in the first place...YMMV, though,

    I see that it's old, and at least at one point featured small drive

    Here's a spot where you can get bigger ones...from a Google search...

  3. talented79

    talented79 Guest

    thanks i know of both pages mundocorp high to. I really didny take the
    time to read the other link like i should have really just read it. I
    see the brands Toshiba,IBM,Hitachi. So i'll look for a 30HD under those
    brands. THANKS!!
  4. talented79

    talented79 Guest

    ok on the BOIS part it says:
    BIOS Ver. 13.55
    2.0 Bois Extensions Enabled. Does that tell you anything?
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