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What brand and supplier would you recommend for PC capacitors?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by John E, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. John E

    John E Guest

    I'm looking to purchase some 6.3V 2200uf capacitors for PC motherboard
    repairs. I can't find them at any local electronic stores in the
    Houston, TX area, so I'm getting ready to order them online (and some
    10V caps, too).

    What brand and supplier do you recommend? I've registered with Digi-Key
    Corp. and was considering ordering Panasonic caps from them, but first
    I'd appreciate your suggestions. Maybe stop me from ordering the wrong
    brand, etc.

  2. w9gb

    w9gb Guest

    John -

    Panasonic was the brand that I used last year to repair a bad Abit
    motherboard (HP computer). Look very carefully at the DigiKey web pages and
    you will find different lead spacing for the same value of electrolytic
    capacitor -- spend a bit of time and get those measurements right -- for
    ease of installation on motherboard.

    Although I have a Pace MBT series for soldering and desoldering -- a fine
    sewing needle and desoldering wick also were helpful in removing the old
    capacitors and clearing the holes in these multi-layer motherboards.

    IF you do not have one -- get a magnifying lamp -- for better vision.

  3. Guest

    It doesnt matter what brand it is, as long as you stay away from
    reject stuff.

    It might be helpful to know just where in circuit these are, as you
    may need low ESR caps for some locations, such as switching regulator

  4. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Panasonic are certainly pretty good.

    More important for a PC mobo is that you get a low ESR type designed for high
    frequency use.

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