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what are "trade" prices?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by John Savage, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. John Savage

    John Savage Guest

    There's an electronics store in Ashfield that advertises prices for
    "trade". Does this mean that possession of an ABN will get you these good
    prices, or what exactly does one need to do to be eligible for their
    "trade" prices? It doesn't have anything to do with the quantity of goods
    purchased, does it?

    Would it be enough to given them my sister's ABN (her "Majestic Cake
    Decorations" business or something) and let them know I am picking up an
    order for the boss?
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "John Savage"

    ** Who could that be ???

    ** Supply proof of being " in the electronics trade ".

    ** Nope.

    ** WES require a written order on each occasion that indicates the buyer is
    someone involved in the electronics repair trade or a professional user of

    It is basically a trade discount.

    .............. Phil
  3. Poxy

    Poxy Guest

    All that's required for a WES account is an ABN and a pulse.
  4. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** As I do not have an account with WES I have no experience of what rules
    they apply for opening one - WES management can make 'em up and break them
    at whim.

    But the OP's question was not about opening an account.

    It was about making a counter purchase.

    ............ Phil
  5. John_H

    John_H Guest

    It's quite legal to operate a business without an ABN, and some do.
    Nor is there any reason for a supplier to require a customer's ABN
    unless they're writing a tax invoice for more than $1,000 and don't
    have an address -- ATO requires one or the other.

    I still use their pre-GST order form, since I 've never bothered to
    scan the current one, and they've never asked for an ABN (which I do
    have). I also have a customer number.

    Originally they required an account application, though if they're
    like most trade suppliers they probably accept cash orders over the
    counter from non-account customers.
  6. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** As I read the rules, to avoid having an ABN a business must have income
    below the threshold AND not supply goods or services to other businesses -
    or else withholding tax must be taken from those invoices.

    ** They can still ask for it as an identifier.

    ** The WES customer number is to let them keep track of your buying habits
    and allow mail outs.

    ** Read the heading - what is it asking ??

    ............ Phil
  7. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    It usually just means that they claim to be selling
    the items for what a retailer would pay for them.

    Thats often a lie.

    Usually not, few advertise like that with real
    trade prices that require an ABN to get.
    If they are real trade prices, its often just claiming to be in the trade.
    It can do.
    Depends on the operation. Many just want an ABN
    and dont give a flying red **** what business its in.

    And its better not to ask, just act as if you are in the trade,
    provide the ABN if its asked for, and dont say anything if it isnt.
  8. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Incorrect. Tho many of those would prefer to be
    able to claim the GST credit on their inputs, some
    dont necessarily care with minor transactions.
    You've mangled that completely. Thats what
    applys to PAYMENTS, not to purchases.
    The customer number is that.
    Its there for more than just that.
    Impossible to say with any certainty.
  9. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Rod Speed"

    ** Wait for the rest of the sentence - FUCKWIT !!

    ** Try learning to read - FUCKWIT .

    ** Learn to read - FUCKWIT !!!

    ** Learn to read - FUCKWIT !!!

    ............. Phil
  10. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest


    <reams of some toaster molesting welfare bludger's desperate
    attempts to bullshit its way out of its predicament that fooled
    absolutely no one at all, as always, flushed where it belongs>
  11. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Rod Speed"

    ** ROTFLMAO - the mad robot could not possibly be more wrong.

    ............. Phil
  12. jb

    jb Guest

    Hmm, that's a good one.
    Straight from the mouth of a 13 year old.

  13. Mark Harriss

    Mark Harriss Guest

    Good to see more and more people are recognising Phil's
    contribution to mankind. The prick's been bullshitting all
    week on this newsgroup, while on aus.hi-fi they work out
    how to ban the fool forever. I've honest lost track of his
    pig-ignorant maundering's about his supposed electronics
    skills whether it's switchmode transformer design, where he
    got done like a dinner or simply the Ft of 2N3055's it's
    a constant battle against a flood of bullshit!!!.
  14. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Some terminal fuckwit welfare bludging toaster molester claiming to be
    Phil Allison <> desperately attempted to bullshit
    its way out of its predicament in message and fooled absolutely no one at all. As always.
  15. Mark Harriss

    Mark Harriss Guest

    Ahh... well I've had fruitful and helpful discussions with Rod
    in the past and unlike Phil he's susceptible to reason something
    Phil never lets get int he way of a good spew. I'd buy Rod a beer
    in a pub but Phil I wouldn't piss on if he was on fire: he's a few
    roos short in the top paddock IMHO.

  16. Guest

    Phil knows electronics.
    Rod dose not know anything about electronics.
    I hate to say this as Rod may starting filling his mush base with
    semiconductor & microcontroller information as he did with pair
    gain,telstra and kilometers from exchanges and confuse everyone with
    consumer quality assurance rubbish.

    Phil is worth money,what could you pay Rod to do?dress gay and work in
    a call center?

    I have to disagree,I would bye Phil a beer and laugh at Rod.
  17. Mark Harriss

    Mark Harriss Guest

    Horses for course I guess, I know for a fact Phil makes up
    totally wrong crap when He doesn't know what he's on about.
    At any rate I beleive this topic came up ages ago and the
    general consensus was that Rod was better than Phil any day.
  18. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Mark Harriss"

    ** Mental defectives like Mark the Fascist do not know any facts.

    .............. Phil
  19. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Uncle-Fester" = another anencephalic prick

    ** **** off - you rote learning moron.

    ........... Phil
  20. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    WES seem to be fairly relaxed about this. Tell them you will be paying
    cash up front (credit card is perfect), and occasionally order five or
    more of something. The repair trade is dying, and much of the
    otherwise uneconomical repair work is done by very small businesses,
    retired techs, and backyarders. WES appear to understand this. After
    all, which thriving business would buy a $30 video head for a $50 VCR,
    or a $50 laser for a $100 music system?

    - Franc Zabkar
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