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What are these sections of this power supply?

Discussion in 'Power Electronics' started by j4cobgarby, Sep 18, 2018.

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  1. VenomBallistics


    Aug 30, 2018
    Yup ... typical rig is 50 - 100 into 4 12" speakers. 30ish will do too.
    I have my hand built trainwreck clone and a 100W Laney to choose from. The trainwreck is just a little shy of 50W Either can bring the law down on ya.
    Seems the way of many to pipe in canned tracks. Sometimes the case when the vocalist can't keep up with their former selves.
    other times because the studio take had more parts than you have musicians ... in either case, something of the human element is lost because it has to snap to a grid or lose sync. There's just no room for the influences of the then and there. Perhaps the guitarist is strangling that little extra out of a note in the solo .... Perhaps the bass player had an epiphany about the meaning of life in relation to animal crackers .. or the vocalists LSD kicked in. No matter what, there's a vibe across the band that feeds them and generates energy.
    Some songs cannot live without canned tracks, Like the intro of Satriani's flying in a blue dream. it's a once in a lifetime glitch captured when his high gain amp picked up a TV broadcast in the studio. But it's always best when the animals are free to roam.
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