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What are the benefits of a DIN rail?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by wahzoo, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. wahzoo

    wahzoo Guest

    I have only a hobby-level of knowledge about electronics and I seldom
    see much about DIN rail use in the hobbiest magazines.

    I'm designing a low-voltage lighting system for my house which will
    use dozens of power relays mounted in one box. Low voltage switches
    will signal relays to turn lights on and off. (No silicon involved.)
    Would using a DIN rail be advantagous?

    When I install something on the middle of a populated DIN rail, can I
    just snap it in or do I have to slide a bunch of existing devices off
    the end first?

    Also, is there any electrical connection to the rail itself? Is it
    ever used for power or ground?

  2. Rail mount relays may be more expensive than other types - but I think
    the rail-mount relays and terminal blocks make a neat and convenient
    Devices can be snapped on and off the rail - no need to slide things
    on from one end.

    A DIN rail is just a mounting method - no electrical connections
    (although you can get grounding blocks that do provide an electrical
    connection to the rail - they are normally used for the safety ground
    (green wire in AC wiring)).
  3. Yes, very much so. I can't even imagine doing it without a DIN rail. You
    would have to individually mount each relay. Lots of things are DIN
    mounted; not just relays. Terminal strips, motor contactors, PLC's, fuses,
    all sorts of stuff.
    Yes, they can be snapped on and off interchangeably. Usually there is a
    little release slot that can be pried with a screwdriver to release the
    Yes, for ground. Most components are insulated from the rail, but there are
    special green (or green and yellow) terminal blocks that electrically
    connect directly to the rail and thus ground wires to the electrical

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