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Weller WTCPN Problems

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tim Wescott, Jan 25, 2005.

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  1. Yukio

    Yukio Guest

    Now how do we solder up this Triac circuit with a dead Soldering Iron !!

    Yukio YANO

    Seriously, Do you use the original cord ?, I can't visualize how you could
    do that without compromising the green grounding lead , As I recall, there
    are only three wires in the factory Cable, and three pins in the connector!.
  2. Bill Bailley

    Bill Bailley Guest

    I did use the original cord, and as far as I remember I kept the barrel of
    the pencil at ground potential. It is quite while back now but I remember
    having some anxieties over grounding issues. I must have resolved them to my
    satisfaction, so I am fairly sure this design group can do a similar or
    better job. The station and pencil are quite a few thousand clicks away, and
    I am not quite done with my holiday yet. It seems as though you may have to
    re-visit that problem.

    I did make an ass of myself when I came to wire my creation together and
    reached for the soldering iron. oops!!!

    From the dregs of my shaky old memory I recall a 680R for the trigger and a
    daisy chain of 3 x 33K for the ground link.

  3. Guy Macon

    Guy Macon Guest

    I just love the mental picture of having yiur soldering iron apart
    and needing to solder a connection inside of it. Sort of like
    soldering 32 XLR connectors to the end of an audio snake and then
    realizing that you didn't slip the parrels over the wires first.
  4. budgie

    budgie Guest

    or trying to fault-find your (only) oscilloscope. The first tool you reach for
    (after the screwdriver) is ... your oscilloscope.
  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Yeah, but at least you could solder! ;-)

  6. Rob Gaddi

    Rob Gaddi Guest

    Bah. Back in my day we fixed our soldering irons by using 220V and two
    wires to arc the solder joint. And when our oscopes went out we used
    our tongues as current meters to get 'em fixed. You knew the frequency
    by how deep the tingle was.

    And gol'darnit, we liked it that way.
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