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Weller WES51 soldering station problem?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Bill Christens-Barry, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. Hi. I have a Weller WES51 soldering station, an adjustable
    temperature unit with a pencil iron (p/n PES51).

    Last time I used it several months ago, it worked fine.
    Usually, the light on front would stay green until the tip
    reached the dialed in temperature, at which point the light
    would start blinking green.

    Now, when I turn it on I don't get any heat at the tip, and
    the indicator light in front stays red. I'm trying to figure
    out why.

    The unit comes with a magnetic pencil-like thing that can be
    placeed near a spot on front of the main unit. This spot is
    labelled "ESD", so I guess this has something to do with
    electrostatic discharge. When I put the probe there, the
    indicator light first begins to blink in red, and then
    starts blinking green. I still don't get any heat.

    What's this all about? Is it a sign that the iron itself has
    failed? Is there an easy fix short of getting a new iron?

    And can anyone point me to an online (or hardcopy) version
    of the manual?


    Bill Christens-Barry
  2. It sounds like an open circuit hearing element of wiring to the

    Do you have an ohm meter to check the heater resistance?
  3. John,

    Thanks for the good idea. I'll try to check this, although I
    don't know which pair of the 5 probe leads are the actual
    heater. Also, I don't know what the resistance should be.
    Any data would be helpful, especially a contact for Weller.

    Bill Christens-Barry
  4. If the heater is powered by something near 24 volts, the resistance is
    in the single digits. If powered by 120 Vac, then the resistance is
    in the hundreds of ohms. The thermistor pair should be in the kohms.
    One wire should be a short to the tip (safety ground). If you can get
    the case open, it should be pretty obvious which pins on the socket
    connect to what.
  5. On the wes50 at least the pencil like magnet is used to set and lock
    the maximum temperature setting of the iron. It has nothing to do with
    esd, must be a magnetically sensitive device back behind that area.

    I cant find the manual or the magnet stick for my weller.

    Weller will probably send a manual if you write or email them and
    request one.
  6. Thanks, John. This is just the kind of help I was hoping for
  7. Great - thanks for your help. Maybe I'm just locked @ 0
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