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Weird smell safe?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by js5895, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. js5895

    js5895 Guest


    I have a Weller 100/140 watt soldering iron. I used it until I need new
    so I bought Weller brand tips, I put them on and started using the iron and
    then a funny smell
    started to come from the tip, a bad smell like, to me, a rotten smell, lol.
    It makes the whole house smell, clothes, and fingers, and it lasts like 7 or
    more hours.
    i noticed that the new tips have a silver substance on them that my old ones
    and the smell is not as bad when it is used at 100W. Is that smell normal
    and is it safe to breathe?

    Thank You.
  2. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    When you have a new tip, there is a coating on it. There is a burn off
    process that will take place. To me, it never smelled as bad as you are
    describing. But, I am not very sensitive to smell.

    Jerry G.
  3. Yukio YANO

    Yukio YANO Guest

    ?? Iron-Plated tips ?? 100/140 watt ? SOLDERING GUN ? Solder ? Work ?

    two Elements come to mind "Arsenic, and Selenium", look up WHMIS data
    for better description, Arsenic, garlicy, from test roasting powdered
    mineral samples Selenium, pungent unforgetable, description of Shorted
    Selenium Rectifier Stack, haven't seen or smelled one used in 25 years,
    old battery chargers! Replaced with Silicon Diodes.

    There is no reason for either material to be present, although they have
    been used in the past, both are toxic in small quantities

    Shorted Soldering GUN ? Burning Bakelite ? Phenol and Formaldehyde
    Charactaristic smell of self-destucted electrical equipment !

    Both Phenol and Formaldehyde have strongly irritating odours, used as
    dis-infectants, embalming fluids among other uses, both used in large
    amounts only on dead people !

    Solder and Fluxes, I only use Tin/Lead Rosin Core, and never use any
    Lead-less Solders, I have no idea what fluxes are used with Lead-less

    Work, what are you soldering, anything unusual ?


    Anything Bitter, Pungent, Irritating, Acrid is always suspect !

    one of the unusual Toxic Compounds that is not BPIA is Lead Acetate,
    (Sugar of Lead) it was used to adultrate Wine, to sweeten it, this is
    why wine was drunk from Silver goblets, it would Blacken Silverware !
    Lead Acetate is very simple to prepare, just boil Any Lead Compound in
    hot Vinegar, Lead Solder, Lead Glazes,lead putty, Lead Paint, Lead pipe.
    Lead Acetate is Very soluble in hot water and will precipitate out in
    cold water.

    I would suspect the Solder/Flux first, New Tips second, The work third.

    I cannot understand why the tips would be plated or coated with a
    noxious material ? To stop the Iron plating from rusting ?

    Is there something unusual about the Solder/Flux ? Is it breaking down
    due to a abnormally high working Temperature?

    I seem to recall 100/140 Watts as the ratings for Weller's Dual-Heat
    Soldering GUN. I haven't pulled the trigger on one in twenty years!

    Yukio YANO
  4. js5895

    js5895 Guest

    I bought these at the home depot, and they're weller band, but, the
    ones at radio shack don't
    have the coating on them, they're plan copper. The product web site
    says its a tin-plated copper tip.
    I think I must burn the tin off because when I first use it, the tin
    sizzles and I get the smell of it
    burning, but then it eventually goes away after it burns off, I do this
    even before I use the solder.
    I guess ill go to radio shack and get the plan copper ones from now on.

  5. Guest

    Is it a soldering iron (which you have to plug-in and wait to heat), or
    a trigger-operated soldering gun?

    If the problem mostly happens at the higher power setting, most likely
    you are overheating the insulation or phenolic structure of a solder
    gun. This can happens when you have the wrong tips on the gun, say
    250-watt tips on a 100-watt gun. Weller tips are designed to match the
    capacity of a particular tool, and they come in various wattages.

    If the smell is similar to that of a over-heated, burnt resistor (this
    smells really gross), you are either overloading the tool and cooking
    its internal insulation, OR the tool is defective and about to fail.

    Normally, soldering iron tips do not produce much of an odor, and when
    they do the smell is that of hot metal. I have a Weller soldering gun
    that I purchased back in the 1960s, and it is still going strong
    (although I usually prefer to use a more conventional soldering iron.)

    Of course, you should always perform soldering in a well ventilated
    area, since soldering produces both lead fumes and gaseous flux
    decomposition products -- neither one of which is particularly good for
    your long-term health! Still, to put the risk into perspective I've
    been soldering electronics since I was 13, smoking a pack of unfiltered
    Camel cigarettes a day for about the same time, and at 67 I've already
    outlived most of my health conscious friends and relatives!

    Harry C.
  6. js5895

    js5895 Guest

    It's a trigger-operated soldering gun, Weller model 8200 kit 100/140
    No I don't think I'm burning the tool out because the smell is coming
    the tip and not at the vents, the tool is ice cold when it's in use.
    The burning smell doesn't smell like resistors and I think I know the
    smell of burning
    resistors it's like, don't mean to be vulgar but, its a pee smell, this
    smell is maybe a cheesy/sweet
    smell, it's hard to explain. When I got the tool it came with a tip
    with no tin on it,
    just plan copper, the tool is, I'm guessing 20 years old, the ones
    you had to bend the insertion ends of the tip to install them but, band
    out of the box. It was my grandfathers. It never had that smell until I
    got the
    tin coated ones. The Weller web site says that they fit my tool
    but, I just noticed it says tip #7235 (the one I'm using)
    "Standard Tip Only, for 7200 Standard Lightweight Soldering Gun"
    "Fits Tool(s) 8200, D550"
    I think that's my problem, even though it says it fits my model, the
    title says other wise.
    I'm going to try tip #7135W, it says it fits only my model and if that
    doesn't work I will
    try to get a plan copper tip and try that.

    Thank you, Josh
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