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Weird guitar...

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by beast, Feb 12, 2005.

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  1. beast

    beast Guest

    I built a bass guitar, and I connected the strings to the back to the
    neck truss to form a loop around the pick ups. The idea is to close
    the loop so that when the string vibrates, it will generate current
    inside the loop that will be picked up by the pick up, and thus
    increase the output of the circuit. I added a strong magnet near the
    strings to increase the magnetic field so that more current will be
    generated in the loop.

    Can anyone tell me what they think of this idea?
  2. Pi

    Pi Guest

    On 12 Feb 2005 11:39:36 -0600,
    I think it will not work. Your guitars pick up picks up the variation
    of the magnetic field because the string moves in the pick ups field.
    The strong magnet is already present in the pick up. Adding more
    magnets gives forces in that point in the string, what may make it
    behave less linear, and sound less.

    But what's more important: there is no point is trying to get a higher
    output. What usually is needed (yes, I modified my guitar myself) is:
    - a good signal to noise ratio
    - the desired frequency spectrum giving the desired sound

    You can reach this by proper shielding, making sure grounding is the
    way it should be, and correct components are chosen. Often the tone
    control capacitors are too large.

    Pieter Hoeben
  3. beast

    beast Guest

    I tried it last weekend, and it turned out very nice. The sound is
    just incredible, very rich and very full. When I added a back truss
    to the neck it changed the capacitance of the circuit and affected
    the tone, that's what prompted me to complete the string coil by
    connecting the back piece which is made of steel strip 2x16" bent at
    the end to hold the strings, connected to the neck truss via a screw
    through the strip, next I connected the neck truss to the strings
    with a copper wire, to complete the loop. I added the magnet at the
    base of the neck, above the pick-up.

    Then I took it to the club and played with it, to hear the
    It sounds very good....

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