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Weight of an SOIC8 chip ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Andre Majorel, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Anybody knows how much a typical SOIC8 chip weighs ? Also, how
    much does the packaging (tube of 98) weigh ? The device of
    interest is AD's AD82AR.
  2. Jim Nagy

    Jim Nagy Guest

    The 208mil 8 pin ones that we use are 1g each, 90 per tube.
  3. Those chips are surely made of pure lead, SO-8 has about 80mg.

  4. 1 g seems high to me as a DIP8 weighs less than that.

    Someone else told me a tube of 10 SOIC14 weighed 3 g.
    Proportionality suggests an SOIC8 + package weighs 170 mg on

    Thanks folks.
  5. Jim Nagy

    Jim Nagy Guest

    You're probably right - I was thinking of our incremental shipping
    weight including the tube.
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