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Website Problem??

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Jim Thompson, Jul 7, 2003.

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  1. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    I think it's possible that my website provider was hacked over the
    weekend. (Or the link into Dallas from the west is broken.)

    Please try to access:

    and report back what error message you get.


    P.S. Don't try to send E-mail to me... that's hosed also :-(

    ...Jim Thompson

  2. The system detected an Unresolved Host Name while attempting to
    retrieve the URL:

    (This was from Australia.)

  3. Paul Wylie

    Paul Wylie Guest


    The problem appears to be with your DNS. Whois at reveals
    your two authoritative DNS servers are:


    The first one doesn't respond to DNS queries for your domain. The second
    reports no domain found. Methinks only the first DNS server ever actually
    had your DNS entries (or perhaps it was the primary while the other was
    secondary) and now that the first DNS server is hosed, your domain
    effectively does not exist.

    If you knew the IP address of your website, you could always try putting
    that into your web browser to see if the hosting site is still up. Keep
    in mind that shared hosting often uses the same IP address for multiple
    domains and only sorts which domain to show you by the domain name in the
    URL. You could get around that little problem by temporarily putting the
    IP address of your hosting server into your HOSTS[1] file and then trying
    to pull up your website in a browser.

    [1] In Win9x, the HOSTS file is in the \WINDOWS directory, for NT/2K/XP,
    it's in the \WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC folder. In any *NIX it's in /etc.

    ** Note "removemunged" in email address and remove to reply. **
  4. No connection from Europe either.

    Error 500
    The server encountered an unexpected condition which
    prevented it from fulfilling the request.
    Couldn't connect to server '' (port 80) !

  5. The same here from the USA.

    it dead Jim.... 8-/

    (I just had to say that!)
  6. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Timeout resolving host. Jim doesn't exist any more!

  7. Guest

    There had to have been at least two, one primary and one secondary.

    Anyway I hope this is not a Go Daddy problem as I was just contemplating
    moving some domains there. So do let us know who's fault this is. And
    don't even think about moving to, they already know how to
    do this exact same crap.

    So, if the above are really your name servers you need to speak with who
    ever administers the primary site asap...

    Billy Y..
  8. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Guest

    Sounds like either your doman was hacked, or they abandoned ship on ya! Be
    sure to ask for downtime credit... : )

    "Host Name Lookup Failed
    The Proxomitron couldn't find the site named...
    Check that the name is correct. If so, the site may have changed or may no
    longer exist."
  9. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    It's my son :-( NS.ADTSOFT.COM is down because he is moving and I
    haven't been able to reach him.

    But I don't know why BreakingNews isn't working.

    I'm thinking of moving everything to GoDaddy as well. Nice write-up
    on Bob Parsons in this morning's East Valley Tribune!

    ...Jim Thompson
  10. Guest

    It probably tried to update your zone (as it's called in the world of
    dns) and when the zone transfer failed it decided to call you gone...

    I imagine you could get Breaking News to fix this, but you might need
    to send them a good copy of your zone file. Or maybe they have an old
    copy somewhere...

    Billy Y..
  11. Mario Trams

    Mario Trams Guest

    It's 18:35 CET (should be 11:35 ET) and there's no problem
    at all from here (Chemnitz/Germany)

  12. Guest

    At last - someone who has the site cached.. The actual name
    servers for it are still down though, I just looked again.

    Billy Y..
  13. Guest

    In the typical "multi-homed" configuration you could just add the domain
    name to the IP address and have it work, as in
    for my place...

    Billy Y..
  14. From sunny Florida, I got:

    The page cannot be displayed
    The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site
    might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your
    browser settings.
  15. Mario Trams

    Mario Trams Guest

    Hmmm, strange. Actually I made a reload of the site exactly
    to avoid the caching.

    Now I tried it from my home computer and I can't reach it
    anymore. Also nslookup does not return an IP address.
    Perhaps it is a pure name server problem. I guess
    our caching name server still kept the IP address this afternoon,
    but has removed it now.


    Digital Force / Mario Trams

    Chemnitz University of Technology
    Dept. of Computer Science Tel.: (+49) 371 531 1660
    Chair of Computer Architecture Fax.: (+49) 371 531 1818
  16. Jim Backus

    Jim Backus Guest

    Netscape is unable to locate the server
    Please check the server name and try again.

    This from Netscape 4.61 for OS/2

    Jim Backus OS/2 user
    bona fide replies to jimb-thecirclethingy-jita-dp-demon-dp-co-dp-uk
    or remove "NOT" from address
    remove dashes and make the obvious substitutions for valid email
  17. Paul Wylie

    Paul Wylie Guest

    For those who don't live in the Phoenix metro area:

    ** Note "removemunged" in email address and remove to reply. **
  18. [snip]
    Same from Canada.

  19. Larry Hatch

    Larry Hatch Guest

    I can offer webhosting..
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