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Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Peter, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    I want to mount a camera on board for a look out from te charttable.
    Is there anyone who has experiance with a webcam. It is no problem if it
    needs a usb cable. The most webcams made for looking at most 1 or 2 meter
    from the camera. Who has experiance with a webcam for a good lookout in
    front of the boat?
  2. IanM

    IanM Guest

    Depending on the plotter you have, you may already have the facility to
    display a video signal. If so, then a submersible CCTV camera (to
    survive on the bow or at deck level) would work for you. However for
    watch-keeping, the field of view of a normal camera is totally
    inadequate and the resolution is limited so even with a fish-eye lens
    although you can see a wide sector, you wont be able spot a ship soon
    enough to avoid embarrassment let alone spotting debris or pot markers.

    If you are looking for something suitable for conning through shoals,
    reefs and coral 'bommies' to look down from the masthead or spreaders a
    length or so in front of the bow, its more hopefull, but you'll want a
    motorized filter head on it with selectable infrared and variable
    polarisation lenses, which you are not likely to find in a weatherproof
    compact dome mount unit. I dont know of anyone who's actually set one
    up for this, but conning the boat from the crosstrees has a long history
    in that sort of waters. You'll need to learn to use it with an
    experienced lookout up the mast backing you up.

    If your plotter can't do video, well smallish 12V bulkhead mount LCD
    displays are fairly cheap. It could double up for entertainment use.
  3. IanM

    IanM Guest

    Even on a big screen plotter its going to be pretty useless for any
    navigational purpose. Either its got the field of view to cover a wide
    enough angle but you'd be lucky to spot a visibility orange painted oil
    drum at half a cable, or it can pick out a buoy at 2+ NM but covers such
    a tiny sector that a supertanker could be on top of you before you saw

    With luck, if its fairly wide angle with a decent screen size and you
    stare at it non-stop you *may* be able to spot ferries in time to
    dodge, if you were at the controls rather than down below. Not going to
    get much done down below staring at it that you couldn't better do on
    deck while keeping a proper lookout. I'd also bet that with an
    unstabilised camera, the picture could make *anyone* puke in other than
    a flat calm in under ten minutes.

    I did hope I'd been sufficiently pessimistic as to what could be
    achieved with a CCTV camera with a decent lens, but obviously not. A
    webcam with the usual crappy lens, no iris or focus etc. would be even
    worse. :-(
  4. Peter

    Peter Guest

    The camera wil not be a replacement for crew, but a little bis extra look
    aut in front of the boat. I know Raytheon has a camera for their expensive
    systems. I Has a computer with a navigation program on board. It cout be a
    popup screen for the camera.
    Extra I have a Asus EEE netbook with a 10"screen. This one coult be used
    for the camera. The question is: Is there anyone in the newsgroup who uses a
    webcam for the long distance.
  5. Peter,
    I am going to do this myself, but you will not be able to do this with an
    inexpensive camera for all the reasons mentioned by others in this thread.
    Both Bosch and Panasonic offer PTZ cameras with low light capability,
    something like .4 LUX or lower. the camera with motorized lens is around
    $1,500. Add to this a watertight housing with heater for another $1,000.
    Spider control with web cutting wiper adds another $500. Please also note
    that you will have to use stabilization software to compensate for vibration
    in order to see at distance. If you want motorized filters, add that cost on
    top. This solution would allow the boat to be operated blindly. If all you
    want is watch cameras for security reasons, the solution with software is
    around $800 with 3 cameras. The later solution uses RS 485 differential,
    serial interface and records to disk as well as creates images for web
  6. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    Alas, usb cable(max ~3-5 m, sometimes a bit more then 10 m)
    in most cases cannot be extended to the length you would need in most
    cases, so you would be out of luck.
    Network cabling has a reach of up to 100 meters(yards :) ), so
    a network camera on a middle class boat will work.
    Also most usb cams would probably not survive a healthy dose of
    sea air.
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