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Water for Fuel 555 timer project

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Kevin, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    Yes, this is about the circuit that is supposed to split water at lo
    voltages. This is for my electrolysis cell. I'm trying to be focused her
    so please no sceptical remarks or I'll be forced to hex you with passing
    kidney stone the size of a mountain.

    The circuit is simple but too complicated for me in respects t
    determining the size of the resistors and capasitors. If someone coul
    either break it down for me or recommend a size I would greatly appriciat
    it. I have only a few schematics to share with you. But most of you ar
    probably so dang smart you can imagine the rest of it(wish I could).

    The Basics:

    555 timer 1 : The ending result will be a 12 volt DC pulsed square wave a
    300mA (3.6 watts) with a 10:1 mark-space ratio and a linear frequency swee
    from 10-250 KHZ.

    555 timer 2 : The ending result will be a 12 volt DC pulsed square wave a
    300mA (3.6watts) with a 10:1 makr-space ratio and a linear frequency swee
    from 15-30 HZ.

    Only Available Schematics located @ :

    The Complications:

    The circuit schematics I have are for two 555 timers and I want to use
    single 556 timer instead.

    I want to switch to use either, timer 1 or timer 2, as primary an
    secondary into my electrodes( 1= orthohydrogen, 2= parahydrogen). Basicl
    one switch to swap jobs.

    I would like the option of a toggle switch to switch from 300mA to 600m
    output if possible. I would like an LED to indicate power ON.

    I would love to have the option to swap the polarity of the electrode
    using a potentiometer (0ff-????HZ) for testing. I'm currently researchin
    the possibility of adding some sort of strobing infared LEDs to vibrat
    the water in a way which will also increase the gas output. So if that i
    possible I'd like to add that for testing also.

    The patent I am toying with is from a company called Xogen (co ha
    disappeared) and relative ideas from the videos and patent of Stanle
    Meyers (dead). Both claimed to have invented a contraption that woul
    split water in to hydrogen and oxygen on demand to run cars, planes
    boats, generators...etc. I have to say I will only know if it is true o
    not by making the circuit myself. But I need some help...all the info
    have is @

    My email addess is . I'm setting here with m
    soldering iron hot.. I got a radio shack 2 miles down the road (no I
    knowledgable reps tho).. and I have a hand full of parts already: projec
    box and ic board, 556CN, 10K resistors, and a 2N3055 transistor... and i
    the other hand some money to buy more parts! I really am excited to wor
    on this but desperate for some simple instructions so I can just slap on
    of these puppies together. If it works and you help me the most I'll mak
    one for you.... if it doesn't work I'll send you the original :)


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  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    For your own peace of mind, just be danged sure to use de-oxygenated
    Monster (TM) cables when you hook this baby up!
  3. Genome

    Genome Guest

    Ahhhhhh yes indeed.....

    Brown's Gas.

    You need to excite the water with an AC voltage at or close to the
    dissociation energy of the water molecules within the local environment for
    maximum energy transfer (a broad band)

    This improves the rate at which you can produce the stoichemetric H2 + O
    mixture for subsequent use elsewhere whilst optimising efficiency.

    Furthermore there is no need to add other chemical agents which will poisen
    the equipment and reduce its lifetime.

  4. Pete

    Pete Guest


    Have you been here or here

    But I have an open mind so let's go. What is it you would like? The resistor
    values are there already you just need to do a search for the 556 to get the
    pin numbers, oh ok, I will do it for you try this > has a s..t load of info on
    555/556. You may need some Vero board, have you got that yet? Oh and by the
    way you need to install sepll chcek.

    Extra: Try Terry Pinnell here at has a lot of info
    on the ol' 555. Send him a question.

    Now ya come back here, you hear!

  5. Richard

    Richard Guest


    The values are listed on the schematic you provided the link to.
    Are these the original specs, or something you came up with? If original,
    see above comment.

    Why do you think Xogen 'disappeared'? My guess is that the product didn't
    work efficiently enough to make it economical. That, and the thousands of
    dollars required to convert a standard ICE to run on hydrogen would not make
    it economical for the masses.

    The web site quotes one paragraph of a Ford Motor Company press release.
    Read the rest of it to find out that Ford used a greatly (read that as
    'expensively') modified ICE for their tests. Joe or Jane Average probably
    won't be able to afford that.
    Unplug your soldering iron and stay out of RS for awhile. Use your money to
    buy a couple of good Chemistry and Physics books. Use them to figure the
    stored energy you can expect from the amount of hydrogen your device will
    recover from the water (assuminmg you can figure out how much hydrogen that
    is). Then, figure out how much energy you will use to get that amount of
    hydrogen. Buy a few books on economics, statistical analysis, and business
    practices, then determine if your device and future business model makes
    economical sense. If they do, either get the necessary electronics, physics,
    and chemistry education, or convince investors it makes sense and hire the
    engineers to make it happen.Richard - Chesapeake, VA
  6. Buddy Smith

    Buddy Smith Guest

    Say it with me: "Water is burnt hydrogen".

    You may attribute that to me, but nothing's new under the sun, so I'm
    sure someone else has also said it :)

    I'll let you know how that kidney stone turns out.

  7. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    The water to fuel game is full of cranks and con-men, it's quite possible
    the patent is only for show. or if it works is impractical.

  8. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    ...and you need to take a comprehension class. I said no skeptics. Sinc
    you refuse to understand my simplest hick english let me help you.

    You are a prick. I can't understand why you can't keep your comments t
    yourself when you have nothing worthwhile to read about or say. I have n
    opinion on whether physics, business, or chemistry apply here... I don'
    even care if you read this.. I state I need help with the 555 circui
    schematics along with what I added. None of that stuff is in any picture
    I provided.

    I don't care if you believe it won’t work, it will work, I'll blow my sel
    up, or magically make little pixie fairies fly out my butt... I don'

    All I want is some help with the schematics. Not a donated kidney, not m
    button pushed, and Not your mom and dad's recipe for an adult ramblin

    It is in my nature to try and fix something broken before I throw it away
    And I have 1 year to keep my domain, do some research, and make my ow
    decisions. How dare you try and keep my imagination from me... Have yo
    gotten my drift yet? Do I need to continue? Please don't post here unles
    you got real, tangible schematics or good ideas... if you can't sa
    something nice then keep your opinions to yourself.


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  9. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    I'm sure its some form of Brown's Gas but I not using AC. I'm using DC. An
    for research purposes I'd like to swap polarity of my electrodes at abou
    20,000 cycles using DC.


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  10. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    Yes, I dont know what the capasitor/resistor values are goin to be for th
    555 chips. If I knew exactly what to connect and to where I would b
    finished with this already... Outside of just getting the correct value
    for the 555 timers I think I got the other values. I know how to instal
    switches and LEDs... Hope you can help.


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  11. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    Water is burnt Hydrogen! hahaha That is a great saying! I'll have t
    remember that...


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  12. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    Did you see the xogen video? Did you read the xogen patent? I dont know o
    any scam company that would invest in patent lawyers, a video productio
    crew and equipment, and show you the invetion... just to disappear withou
    a profit.

    But I dont really care. I just want to see if I can duplicate th
    technology and make some additions for my own enjoyment. If it works
    just might disappear also. If it doesn't work I'll disappear anyways.


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  13. mike

    mike Guest
  14. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    This guy is using AC and I'm using DC... and if he isn't showing hi
    schematics then I don't care if he says he can fly.... I don't believe i
    untill I see it.


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  15. Guest

    Kevin, You are NOT USING AC.

    You are using DC Pulses.
    There is a BIG Difference between AC and Puldsed DC.

    Take care............Gary
  16. mike

    mike Guest

    OK, so you don't want to hear any theory.
    If you just build the damn thing the way it's shown, you will have a
    much easier time. If you change the circuit, you won't know if the
    thing don't work or if you messed up in the conversion.

    If you want flexibility, scratch the whole thing and use a
    microcontroller to generate any combination of signals you want.

    But the easiest way is to buy a pair of function generators to generate
    the signals. Compared to the zillions you're gonna make when this
    works, the function generators are a TINY investment.

    We all know why the inventors disappeared. Either they successfully hid
    from their investors...or their investors found them. ;-)

    Have fun inventing new physics. Somebody's gotta do it.

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    Return address is VALID but some sites block emails
    with links. Delete this sig when replying.
    FS 500MHz Tek DSOscilloscope TDS540 Make Offer
    Bunch of stuff For Sale and Wanted at the link below.
  17. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Just be careful, i know some one that was experimenting
    with fuel cells there by separating the water, he started
    small and then kept on enlarging the process ..
    all of this was being worked on in his garage, then one
    day i guess there was an excess of H and got ignited, burnt
    the garage down and put him self in the hospital with various
    flash burns all over him.
    H does raise fast how ever, when inclosed inside a garage with
    no place to go and then some kind of ignition
    takes place, you will have a problem.!
  18. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    Yes, I not going to try and murder myself via explosion.... the governmen
    wouldn't like that... I still have many years of taxes ahead.

    I was going to make it exactly like the patent..... but I decieded t
    enhance it because the schematics didn't show the LED or and option t
    increase the voltage. But I promis to keep it simple so everyone ca
    replicate it. :)


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  19. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    OK, so you don't want to hear any theory.
    Well if the first 50$ contraption is worthless then I sure will. I hav
    been pricing them on EBAY. I was also under some impression I could jus
    build a few function generators and maybe reuse the parts on the fina
    version of the water cracker.

    heh... the white guy said cracker...

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