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water damage to my friends digital camera

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    yea i was talking to my friend and her dog knocked her digital camera
    into the dog bowl

    what should she do to fix it b/c if she dont her mom will kill her
    (i told her to get a blow dryer to it and dry to get everythang dry
    but she said that its not working )
    so if anyone could help me that would b great
  2. Hi!

    First first first first--get the battery or batteries out of the camera!!
    The sooner you do this, the better for everything involved.

    Second--remove the memory card from the camera and look for any backup
    batteries. Since it fell into a dog bowl, putting it into a bowl of clean
    distilled water might be a very good idea to help flush any crud out of it.
    You can't make things any worse at this point.

    Third--Dry the camera as best you can. Then put it in a moderately sunny
    place or somewhat near a heat vent. Let it rest for a few days.

    Fourth--put the battery back in and you might get very lucky. If the camera
    doesn't work at that point, you are probably out of luck. The key here is to
    get the battery or power source removed as soon as it is possible to do so

  3. t.hoehler

    t.hoehler Guest

    Probably too late, get the batteries out of it asap. Corrosive damage to the
    electronics begins almost immediately, and if the camera happens to be on at
    the time, irreprarible damage occurs pretty quickly.
    She'll probably end up buying her mom a new camera. Try the blow dryer, open
    every door, compartment, etc. remove the mem card and blow warm air in for
    several hours, not too hot, good luck.
    I tried to save an old 3MPXL Kodak camera that was rained on. No good, all
    kinds of corrosion on the boards, totally fubar . . .
  4. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    If it was powered up before being opened up and thoroughly dried out,
    it's probably scrap.

    You might get very lucky if you let it dry in a warm place for a couple
    of weeks, I've seen water get under surface mount chips, but I certainly
    wouldn't count on it ever working again.
  5. Jack

    Jack Guest

    Also, not to mention if water got inside the lens unit, then it's a goner
    even if the electronics would still work.

  6. contrex

    contrex Guest

    Logically her mom should kill the dog, not the friend. Some household
    insurance policies cover damage of this type. You'd be surprised how
    many remote controls get chewed by dogs.
  7. Ron(UK)

    Ron(UK) Guest

    Many policies exclude damage by pets, best to tell the insurance
    company it was damaged by an adult.

  8. And, then, expect to have your policy rate increase dramatically on the
    next renewal -- or learn that you will not be renewed.
  9. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    It wasn't the dog that borrowed the camera and got careless
    with it.
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