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Watch The Secret Life Of Machines

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by MarkC, Oct 10, 2004.

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  1. MarkC

    MarkC Guest

    This is an excellent series about how things work. Right now (10/9/04
    1:00AM Central Time) I'm watching the episode about TVs. It's on the
    Science Channel (I don't work for them) so check out their website for
    details about when it's on. I can't praise it enough. The shows host &
    sidekick are very knowledgeable & explain things in a very down to
    earth & thorough manor. I used to watch it in the early 90's on the
    Discovery Channel & I'm glad to see that the series is being shown
  2. b

    b Guest

    I wholehaertedly agree with this!
    Secret life of... was a great, amusing series, the working of
    technology explained in laymans terms. The one about the vcr was also
    very good, sadly its the only episode I have lost.
    That series brings back a few memories, we even saw a few programmes
    in school years ago.

    I used to love the endings and the crazy things they did with the old
    to give them a spectacular send-off
  3. Ish

    Ish Guest

    Oct 11 2004
    @ 11:00 AM The Secret Life of Machines Video Recorder

    Will be on tomorrow!

  4. t.hoehler

    t.hoehler Guest

    What I loved about that series is that Michael was a REAL person, if rough
    around the edges. He had dirt under his fingernails,not your usual program
    star. Very whimsy, funny, and most of all, educational!
  5. Kevin, VE1TV

    Kevin, VE1TV Guest

    Is this the show where, in one episode, at the end, a huge heap of old
    televisions was set on fire??
    I hope it's available in Canada.
  6. b

    b Guest

    Michael? I only remember the guy with the glasses - Tim Hunkin - who
    was responsible for most of the programme, and the other guy who did
    all the stunts etc. called Rex

  7. NSM

    NSM Guest

    | Is this the show where, in one episode, at the end, a huge heap of old
    | televisions was set on fire??
    | I hope it's available in Canada.

    It was shown up here in BC some time ago - but on a BC channel (Knowledge)

  8. t.hoehler

    t.hoehler Guest

    Hi, yes, you are quite correct, Tim is his name. I always associated Tim
    with a fellow I worked with back in the 70's. His name was Michael, and he
    was Tim all over again!
    Great show, lotsa laughs!
  9. b

    b Guest

    Yes it is. And I seem to recall at one point in the programme they cut
    an old Decca set clean in half - tube and all
  10. Ron

    Ron Guest

    I loved those guys!. They even left in the surprised looks when something
    sparked, blew up, or melted down. I also enjoyed the bonfire made from a
    pile of televisions (with power on, of course).
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