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Was: solid-state device for recording bird-calls

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by L.A.T., Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. L.A.T.

    L.A.T. Guest

    Thank you all once again for your help.
    I have made the Oatley Sooper Snooper amp (S.C. September 2001) with its
    parabolic dish, and it is as good as I could have hoped. The output is more
    than adequate for head-phones and much much more than is needed for the mic
    input to the laptop. The laptop has no line input as far as I can see. A
    bit down the track I would like to look into the possibility of USB input as
    was suggested, but for the time being it is a good practise setup.
    I think the biggest problem is going to be background noise. Wind, of
    course, but it is surprising how much of the sound of the surf, distant
    traffic and even planes is picked up. There must be a dozen tricks to
    blocking out extraneous sound from both sides of the mic and even behind it.
    Time, and Google, will tell.
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