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Was going to make a Strobe for Halloween...BUT!

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Kim, Sep 12, 2004.

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  1. Kim

    Kim Guest

    Was in the process of gathering up the components for a strobe this year for
    Lets see:
    $15.00 for the tube
    $12.00 for the trigger coil
    $1.50 for the SCR.
    Probably around $20.00 worth of parts (Caps, Resistors Diodes, Case,
    ETC.)...luckily I have them in my junk drawer.

    Was walking down the Halloween isle at Wal-Mart, and a "Miniature Zenon
    Strobe", along with a assortment of colored gells was

    [email protected]#*!!&%#.......So much for making one!!!

  2. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Get a used throwaway camera from a film processor. They have all those
    parts inside for free! There are several schematics available on the
    web, too.

  3. But he/she has the parts. He/she is complaining that since one can buy
    a strobe for so little, there's no point in building it. He/she seems
    to think that the only reason for making something is to save money. If
    I had the parts, and wanted a strobe, the fact that I could buy one cheap
    is irrelevant. The building can be an end in itself. It is different
    with more complicated things, but it always varies. An interesting project
    is what should determine whether one builds or buys, not other matters.

  4. Those who really want to build them should either shop around better or
    look at

    Cheap strobe tubes are about $5, some smaller really cheap ones are
    about $1, trigger coils/transformers are about $2-$3 and you can make
    those ( although they end up a
    little bulky if you make them using my easy-to-make method.

    Strobes are usually a little more expensive to make than to buy, but if
    you really want to build one it should not cost that much more.
    There are also strobe kits available, probably easier to modify than
    complete strobes if you want to modify one.

    Anyone making a strobe PLEASE READ
    -at least see the cute shock victim modified photo!

    - Don Klipstein (,,
  5. Kim

    Kim Guest

    A few points:

    1-I am a HE!
    2-As I am in Canada, all of these prices are actual, as parts are much more
    expensive here.
    3-I have built several strobes, which is why I have most of the parts "In
    Stock". This was just meant as a exercise in the aggravation in low-cost
    electronics available from overseas which is killing off the hobby, which
    has been discussed here at length in the past.
    Kim.....A TRUE HE-MAN!!
  6. Well, think of it this way:

    Anybody can go down to Y'all Mart and buy the darned thing. But not
    everyone can tell you how it works! Joy of learning and pride of
    accomplishment are not on the shelves over there.
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