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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by petem, Oct 16, 2003.

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  1. petem

    petem Guest

    Reading this post can turn you in a small mouse!!!

    be carefull if someone is in this newsgroup he can turn you into a mouse if
    he send carefully crafted message!

    be aware that even if they say they wont do it anyone here can and would do
    it if they have the know how

    but they will need to gather some info on dont give any info or dont
    even ask question!



    Good Luck!

  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Too late.... Squeeeeeeek!!!!
  3. P A U L

    P A U L Guest


    If you don't fear the privacy law..

    This list has been published with the courtesy of:
    - Jim on 25 Nov 2001
    and reposted by
    - Graham Morgan <> on 28 Jul 2003
    to the general satisfaction of the persons included in the list.

    Graham Morgan <>
    "Nathan Beckroge" <>*
    "Bob La Londe" <>*
    "Jim Rojas" <>*
    "Thomas Gerchak" <>*
    (Tom Fowler)*
    "Rob" <>
    "Jayne Larsen" <>
    (Ranger Alarm Services)
    "Robert Campbell" <>
    (the Browns)
    (Nick Lawrence)
    "Michel Dionne" <
    "Britt Sandusky" <>
    (Mike Simpson)
    (Roger W.)
    "mikey" <>
    "AlarmCoNJ" <>
    "N.Markowitz" <>
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