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wanted video recording device

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Irv, Jul 24, 2003.

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  1. Irv

    Irv Guest

    For higher quality than VHS with 24-48 hr capacity. Possibly disk based.
    1 frame/second with continous audio would be acceptable if image quality is
    very good.
    Any suggestions (i'm new to this group). This system would be used in a
    retail store.
  2. I have found Dell's quality to be outstanding. Of equal importance,
    however, is their support. If something does fail, it will be immediately
    fixed. I had a message appear on my Dell Desktop on friday afternoon, about
    six months ago. It said that Dell's diagnostics had determined that I was
    facing an eminent hard drive failure and back up my data and call Dell.

    They had a tecnician at my door on Monday morning at 8 AM to replace the
    hard drive. They even upgraded the drive from 40 to 80 gigs at no charge to
    me. Several years ago, I had a battery on my Dell Laptop fail. I had it
    replaced by overnight delivery the next morning.

    Any problem they may have with quality is offset by their support.
    Allan Waghalter
  3. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    So have I, while the motherboards and power supply are custom made they
    still perform on par with standard systems and the video cards/hard drives
    are top notch as long as you do get to choose components

    If I had to buy a package system it'd be a Dell hands down
  4. J. Sloud

    J. Sloud Guest

  5. Rory

    Rory Guest

    I have designed many REAL dvr systems, and they are being used in
    dusty, hot (120+%) enviroments, and never crash nor need repair. If
    you want to be cheap then go with a PC based system, which will
    require constant repair, ,as windows number one cannot handle
    streaming video that well, and computers always will require constant
    rebooting or service. I work in the internet and computer industry and
    have been for many years.

    Using a netscape email address, i would never take your word for
    anything to do with computers or the internet anyway.
  6. J. Stevens

    J. Stevens Guest

    Having admitted to placing an expensive DVR in an attic as you did, your
    credibility is suspect as well.

    Rory wrote
  7. J. Sloud

    J. Sloud Guest

    I work for the company that supplies more electronic security
    equipment to the US Federal Government than any other, and also
    supplies security equipment to almost all of the Fortune 500
    companies. The netscape email is simply a way to filter spam. I have
    helped design digital video systems costing several hundred thousand
    dollars which use multiple servers, workstations, and recorders.
    These aren't single-box Windows based DVR's. You obviously cater to
    the low-end market and have no idea of the type of equipment used in
    true high-security applications such as airports, military bases, and
    homeland security applications. Please stop making yourself look
    foolish by posting garbage about Kalatel being the ultimate DVR. It
    is a fine low-end embedded recorder, but it isn't what you make it out
    to be.
  8. Rory

    Rory Guest

    I live in the bahamas, hence i cannot live in the US, like you cant
    live here.
    This post was not orignally about a casino or similar set up, this was
    about a normal setup.

    Like i said, most resellers will sell anything to make a buck. As for
    the mail address, they should use a 'real' email address if they are
    representing a business. I have been working on computers for the past
    10+ years, here and previously in the UK. Windows just simply connot
    handle streaming video well. Plus, at least with the kalatel DVRs i
    never have to go back to it, thats the selling point. Kalatels hard
    drives are dummies, with no software. The OS is in memory only.

    I research every manufacturer, ,and receive regular email with
    DVR/Remote video manufacturer updates etc, all types. AS for IP
    addressable cameras, the only one ive seen any good is Sanyo's with a
    built in HD, but thats $2000 US. Id rather use a regular high quality
    520TVL sanyo camera, and connect it to the DVR. Perhaps in the future
    things will change, but for now...

    Anyone can build a PC based DVR system, doesnt take much, except
    money. Also, alot of what you guys do over there, will never work
  9. Rory

    Rory Guest

    I have been working on computers for the past

    yep, been writing internet applications since 1996. Plus all my DVRs
    are on Cable Internet for Remote video. Now im writing Remote Video
    Software, download them for free from my web site if you like, i think
    I saw a post from you that you have usd Kalatel DVRs in the past,
    anyway, enough on this subject, its getting boring already.

    Back to writing the software.
  10. J. Stevens

    J. Stevens Guest

    Rory wrote
    Good. Stick to that.
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