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Wanted: OZ970 pinout or datasheet

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bledge, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Bledge

    Bledge Guest

    If anyone has a datasheet or pinout for this,
    please post here or email me. TIA.

    I have googled for this without success.
    The datasheet.archive sites do not have the OZ970.
    O2micro does not have datasheet download links on
    their site.

    This IC is an LCD inverter controller used in a Samsung 172x
    monitor. When powered on, a small blue rectangle with "no signal"
    displays for less than 1second at the center of screen. The power
    LED remains Green.
    When a VGA cable is plugged in, the monitor shutdowns & powers
    off(LED off).

    From previous postings, suspect components are:
    FETs,Transformers, HV shutdown due to CCFL aging, CCFL
    or electrolytic capacitors.

    /bledge 29 Jan 2007
  2. sorsa

    sorsa Guest

    I have the pdf for Oz960,WHICH I THINK IS THE SAME.It powers a CCFL
    for a Sony monitor 19".Mine is damaged and I couldn't find a source
    for this chip other then some chinese dealers selling thousends of
    units.Too bad.If you need it send me an e-mail @

    The best for you
  3. Bledge

    Bledge Guest

    Thanks but I got the pdf for the OZ960 when I googled for the
    OZ970. They are the same family but one is 20pin & the other
    is 16pin. That's why I want the pinout. I have the OZ960 pdf
    as reference for the pin functions.
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    /bledge 29 Jan 2007
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