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Wanted: Non working , abused or cheap SX64

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Mike Paull, Feb 18, 2004.

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  1. Mike Paull

    Mike Paull Guest


    If anyone has an old non working, damaged, abused sx64 they just want to
    sell cheap then please contact me. Any condition.


  2. Mike Paull

    Mike Paull Guest

    sorry, forgot to mention, if you email me remove the nospam and put a
    period between my first and last names.

  3. Theres one on ebay every few weeks......I looked at buying one a while

    $350!!! LOL, I have C64s, 1541s, Tandy colour computers.
    All in mint condition, I must be sitting on a fortune! :)

  4. Barry OGrady

    Barry OGrady Guest

    With Ebay your junk is someone else's treasure.

    Web page:
    Atheist, radio scanner, LIPD information.
  5. Zhod

    Zhod Guest

    Theres one on ebay every few weeks......I looked at buying one a while back

    Unfortuneatly they fetch $350 + cheaper to use an older laptop + emulation I
    am afraid.
  6. Mike Paull

    Mike Paull Guest

    actually they dont fetch that much at all. In the past couple of weeks
    someone has tried to start an auction at $350 only to have 0 bids on each
    occasion. By comparison someone else offered one recently with a starting
    bid of $1 and the winning bid was $158.

    Ayway, this is besides the point. What I am after is a faulty unit, in any
    condition that wouldn't be worth selling on ebay anyway.

  7. Zhod

    Zhod Guest

    $350!!! LOL, I have C64s, 1541s, Tandy colour computers.
    The SX64 is a portable version of the c64 they arent common at all because
    they were pretty expensive originally - the stuff you have isnt worth as
    much in comparison.
  8. Dave T.

    Dave T. Guest

    Good luck!

  9. Zhod

    Zhod Guest

    Yeah, you are right - I didnt realise those completed items had no bids on
  10. skozzy

    skozzy Guest

    I used to own one, at the time it was great to have the built in colour
    screen and floppy drive and being portable. But they wern't 100% compatable
    with all software. And they also run very hot having the transformer inside
    the unit for both the computer and the screen.
  11. Herbert West

    Herbert West Guest

    Try asking on alt.c64 and on comp.sys.cbm
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