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Wanted HP 5342A microwave counter manual

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by David Kirkby, Jun 26, 2005.

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  1. David Kirkby

    David Kirkby Guest

    Does anyone have a manual for the the HP 5342A microwave frequency
    counter in pdf format they would share? Or even the HP 5343A would be
    some help.

    Yes, I know they can be bought on eBay for a few $'s, being sold by
    people who don't have the right to sell them.

    Unlike 99% of those on eBay, I do have a license from Agilent to
    distribute manuals for obsolete HP equipment

    - see I am listed on the Agilent web site:

    I don't do this commercially, but have made the only manual I have
    scanned, the HP 5370B for free public download:

    (you will find lots of tube data sheets too, all for free download).

    Hence if anyone has bought a manual on one of these counters, and would
    share it, let me know.

    Has anyone ever tried swapping options between these counters. For
    example, if you have a dead counter, the chances of the GPIB being shot
    is pretty remote, but one is quite likely to be able to buy a counter
    with GPIB for not a lot.

    I would like to get a counter with two or three options (001 stable
    timebase, 002 (amplitude measurement) and 011 (GPIB) is a must), which
    seem hard to find in the one unit. So am thinking of getting two and
    swapping the options around.

    I will not be around much 36 hours after posting this, so if you do
    reply, don't expect a swift response unless you do so within 36 hours.

    David Kirkby,

    Please check out
    of if you live in Essex
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