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Wanted: datasheet/pinout of WT8042 (monitor repair)...

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by BRANE-NEWS, Jul 6, 2003.

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    BRANE-NEWS Guest


    I have KFC's 17" Smile monitor opened on my desk. It doesn't catch up to the
    Vsync (picture rolls verticaly). I have narrowed the search down to WT8042.

    This thing ensures the positive polarity of the syncs (ie-reverses the
    polarity if neccesary) and signals the nature of the picture format (hor and
    vert freq. band, presumed resolution etc).

    I have contacted Welltrend for the datasheet, but they say it's old chip and
    they have datasheet only in printed form, which they won't bother to search
    for and fax it to me...

    So, I'm pleading for help. If anyone has this datasheet in scanned form (or
    at least the page with pinout), I would be very gratefull. Please send it to
    my email...

    I can't wait to get the pissy neghbour and his monitor crap off my back. I
    don't understand what's so special about 17 inch CRT Smile, but since I have
    agreed to take a look at it, I would like to finish the job properly...


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