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Want to make PCB's.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Richard Harris, Jan 28, 2005.

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  1. Interesting read, but... For some possible suggestions on further process

    I think you may have a transparency brand/printer brand mismatch (even if
    they claim to work with each other, they may still not be the best combo for
    each other available). Not all inkjet transparencies are made the same, and
    not all inkjet inks are made the same either. As a result some combinations
    will produce terrible results for PCB making while others make superb
    results in a single layer (one transparency). Others will be somewhere

    Also... At least for the presensitized PCBs I use they claim you should
    leave the photoresist on the finished board since it protects the traces
    from oxidation while also serving as solder flux. If you really feel you
    must remove it anyway I would recommend using a chemical approach (just
    stick it back in the developer for awhile after you have fully etched it)
    rather than mechanical. The mechanical approach is more work, requires more
    equipment, and you run the risk of damaging and destroying the smallest
    feature size traces and whatnot.

    I can make minimum trace width and trace spacing and other feature sizes of
    4 mils consistently with reasonably well defined edges using a single
    transparency with an Epson 1440 dpi printer. I can play with 2 mil feature
    sizes, but some non negligible distortion exists (ex: printer produces
    slightly different quality for X oriented traces than Y oriented traces, and
    printer resolution becomes an issue since 2 mils at 1440 dpi is less than
    three droplets wide), so 2 mil gaps can't be made reliably. YMMV.
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