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Want to buy a oscilliscope

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Joseph, Jul 13, 2004.

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  1. Joseph

    Joseph Guest

    I am a beginner and want to buy a digital / analogue oscilloscope for
    studying purpose. Would someone advise me which model is appropriate, what
    is the price and where to buy?

  2. vincee

    vincee Guest

    Go to ebay and type oscilloscope into the search box.
    There were about sixteen pages of them when I last looked. Price depends on
    how fast,new,and what features you need. I'd go with a reasonably new
    Textronix 100mhz dual trace but I don't have experience with other brands so
    I couldn't tell you if they were good or not.
    Of course there is a risk factor that it won't work or be calibrated.
    Probably won't come with probes either but there are plenty them on ebay
    too. Don't be hasty (ask me how I know that) because new ones seem to come
    up every day.And try not to get dinged on shipping.
    Good luck
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