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Want Schematic Capture/Sim software compatable with PSPice and/or ISSpice extended models

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Thomas Garson, Apr 16, 2004.

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  1. Our current platform, Protel 98SE, can't digest the Spice models
    fabricated with the extensions used by PSPice or ISSPice. Most if not
    all, of the models of the new switcher contrroler chips come under
    this heading. Altium, who now publishes Protel wants to upgrade us to
    Altum XP2004 for another chunk of $$$, but they don't support the
    afore mentioned model extensions, and don't seem to be in any hurry to
    do so. While XP2004 has lots of redeeming features and is in many ways
    quite superior to Protel 98Se, it has some big warts.

    It will cost us something to the tune of $2500.00US to move to XP2004.
    Can anyone suggest a similarly featured platform that might be willing
    to give is a competetive upgrade and that includes the capability of
    handling those "rogue" SPice models?
  2. analog

    analog Guest

    Have you considered LTspice? It's 99+ percent Pspice compatible, is
    faster than Pspice and has a better schematic capture front end. It
    has great support from its author, Mike Engelhardt, and through its
    Yahoo Group users group. Oh, and it is available for free without
    registration from software page of the Linear Technology web site: (and it's not hobbled like the student
    version of Pspice).

    Try it, you'll like it -- analog
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