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Wall Socket

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Donald Jamieson, Jul 7, 2003.

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  1. I have a wall socket with two connections. When I plug my radio into
    the top one it runs fine. When I plug it into the bottom one it causes
    a severe hum in the radio. Is this a grounding problem or is it
    something else? I also have a TV that connects to either and it runs
    fine. But if I plug in the radio than I have a problem. Help.
  2. scada

    scada Guest

    Does the radio plug have one prong wider than the other? Or are they both
    the same width!
    If they are the same, turn the plug 180 deg. then plug it in. If that stoped
    it, the problem is with the radio.

    If the plug has one side wider than the other (polarity plug), try
    replacing the wall outlet.
  3. Spudley

    Spudley Guest

    (polarity plug), I have never heard of this on an AC outlet.

    If you are referring to a ground "Earth" pin then that's a different story.
    Even so I imagine that he wouldn't be silly enough to get them confused,
    to the extent of having the plug disorientated by 180 degrees.

    I suggest that the socket is damaged and that the plug doesn't make proper
    as a result giving rise to this noise.
    A double wall outlet has parallel connection to the single mains supply, so
    happens in one socket should be the same in the other, that's if they are
    adjacent to each other.
    "IE; a double wall socket"
    Get the socket replaced.
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