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Wabash Deluxe 1158 by Wexler amp ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Henry Kolesnik, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. I just got it out of storage from about 8 years ago, it's a Wabash
    Deluxe Model 1158 amp in a tweed case made by David Wexler & Co.,
    Chicago with an Electrovoice Wolverine LS-15, 15 inch speaker. It has
    two chassis, and upper and lower.
    The lower has a 5Y3, 2 6L6GB, 6SN7, 12AX7, and 6JS7.
    The upper has 2 12AX7 and several inputs and controls.
    Left side is a jack for Tremolo and 2 pots for Speed and Strength. Next
    is 3 jacks for Guitar or other instruments along with a Bass, Volume and
    Treble control. Then to the right there are two identical areas each
    labeled Microphone or Accordion along with respective Volume and Tone
    controls. After I got it, I could find nothing Googling, same result
    today, must be a rare item.
    I need to get the dust and crap out of it and bring it up slowly with a
    If anyone has any info like a schematic I'd sure like to know.
    Hank WD5JFR
  2. Steven

    Steven Guest

    That sounds like a hootnanny of a jam session amp!

    Try this and thank Yahoo!
  3. Sent them a note..
    And posted pics on newsgroup:
  4. Several of the tubes have a date code of 5 52 which indicates May of
    1952, a bit old for a guitar amp!
  5. Alan Douglas

    Alan Douglas Guest

    Several of the tubes have a date code of 5 52

    I'd make that the fourth quarter of 1955.

  6. Steven

    Steven Guest

    I sold Jeff Angus a Gibson BR-(7?) that dated to 1946-7 maybe. It
    sounds like a mighty useful amp to me and worth the attempt.
  7. Wexler called me back and said they haven't been in that line for over
    50 years but if they found anything they'd let me know. I was impressed
    that they called back, good people.
  8. Steven

    Steven Guest

    I'm glad you have gotten to at least a vague memory! I hope that
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