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Vtech 2420 Cordless Phone Keypads Gone Bad

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Sasqui, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Sasqui

    Sasqui Guest


    I have 7, yes seven Vtech 2420 cordless phones handsets - of which 3 of them
    have developed bad keypads. This means that one or more of the buttons do
    not function unless you forcefully "jam" your finger into them. On one of
    the handsets, this happened rather suddenly.

    I have taken one of the handsets apart (nothing to lose there), and seen
    these types of button before. The 'buttons" are on a rubber button sheet
    with a black "contact" on the back that presses down to a spot on the PCB
    and shorts interleaved traces on the board to activate the button. The
    contacts and the traces on the board are a jet black - I can't determine
    what material they are made of (carbon?). I've tried cleaning both with a
    solvent, but no matter what, it doesn't seem to either help, (or even hurt)
    the problem!

    Anyone have any suggestions or insights? These are great phones,
    discontinued and even refurbished or used replacements are expensive. I'd
    like to fix them...

  2. Frank S.

    Frank S. Guest

  3. Scott Lane

    Scott Lane Guest

    I heard on here to get some rear windshield defroster repair glue from the
    automotive parts store and treat the button keypads.
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