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VOX casette recorder

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by cm, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. cm

    cm Guest

    I have a Radio Shack Vox casette recorder model# CTR 121
    The audio has gotten weak and the tone control does NOT change the tone.
    The audio has kind of a muffled sound.
    Can anyone offer any ideas what it might be?
  2. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill Guest

    I'm not familiar with the way the cover is secured to this model, but you
    should try to get a good look at the tape head.
    If it's got oxide residue from the tape on it, it needs cleaned (and also
    the rest of the tape path parts.. capstan, guides, pinch roller and erase
    It can be cleaned with a soft swab and alcohol.

    If the symptoms persist after cleaning, the head might be worn to a point
    where it no longer produces good recordings, and good tapes will have poor
    sound quality.
    Another possibility for poor sound reproduction could be old or low quality

    A close inspection of the head might reveal a wavy-looking head face. On
    badly worn heads, it's fairly clear to see a distinct undercut in the face
    of the head.
    The only way to recover good sound quality from a unit with a worn head is
    to replace and properly align the head.

    If the head's not worn, it's possible that the head alignment has changed,
    but that's unlikely unless the tape transport has been damaged or tampered

  3. b

    b Guest

    I assume you have cleaned the heads with a cotton bud q tip dipped in
    pure alcohol, and demagnetized them if need be (careful if the erase
    head is a permanent magnet!)

    also check:
    -new tape?
    -realign head?

  4. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill Guest

    I forgot to mench.. check to see that the small pressure pad is present in
    your tape cassette(s), it's located behind the tape (usually in the center
    of the cassette). This pad keeps the tape pressed against the head when
    recording and playing.

  5. cm

    cm Guest

    The head was a little worn, but the main problem WAS the head. The head
    had a film over it and after cleaning it works fine.
    Thanks a bunch guys! I appreciate it.
  6. cm

    cm Guest

    My internet conection has been down a few days, but it's working again
    now. I wanted to say thanks for the help, the head needed cleaning.
    It works fine now.
    Thanks a bunch guys,
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