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Voltage sources in Parellel

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Hello everybody,
    What would happen if two voltage source are
    connected in parallel.I think if the two voltages are of the same
    voltage(say 'V') and amperage, the resultant voltage would be V itself.
    But what happens if they are dissimilar(say 5 Volt and 3.3
    Volt).Expecting your suggestions...

  2. Andrew Holme

    Andrew Holme Guest

    Real voltage sources have internal resistance. So there is always a (small)
    resistor in series.

    I think you are talking about ideal voltage sources, which do not exist. If
    you connect dissimilar ideal sources in parallel, you get infinite current.
    If you connect identical ideal sources in parallel, the voltage is indeed V
    as you say; but if you connect a load, you cannot say how they share the
    current drain. When you get infinity in the math, or too many unknowns, it
    usually means the physical scenario is impossible in the real world.
  3. Lefty

    Lefty Guest

    Well an obvious example would be hooking two batteries of different
    voltages in parallel, current would flow from the higher voltage to the
    lower in the amount depending on internal resistenace of the battaries.
  4. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    any Fluke differential voltmeter shows this.
    They use a precision voltage source to buck against the measured
    voltage,and use a null meter to zero out the current;then the Fluke readout
    matches the unknown V source.
  5. Emanuele

    Emanuele Guest

    ha scritto:
    If You work in AC, take a double outputs transformer as example
    in DC instead as same battery

    So in general: in parallel --> sum the current
    in series --> sum the voltage

    If they are not similar all depend by the internal resistor
    (be careful, can damage the voltage source)



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