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Voltage Source Inverter Control for Variable speed wind generator

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Nathan K, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Nathan K

    Nathan K Guest

    Hi Crew,
    First post on here so I hope this isn't too specific.

    I'm designing a sine wave inverter for a uni project and can't find a
    good solution for controlling the voltage source inverter (half bridge).
    Ideally it would have a sine wave generator (modulator -50Hz), carrier
    (bipolar triangular - high freq) and comparator + bells and whistles
    (current/temperature overload and low voltage cutoff).

    I'm happy to make the circuit open-source if people are interested. It's
    supposed to convert power from a variable speed wind generator (variable
    speed, variable freq) into set voltage and freq for direct connection to
    the grid.

    Any suggestions, or pointers to resources appreciated.


  2. Nathan K

    Nathan K Guest

    True. But it is probably less efficient. In order to assert this I need
    to design and optimise a system to see what type of efficiency I can
    get. Variable speed is more efficient because it is possible to optimise
    the RPM to maximum torque. This is done by adjusting the load as seen
    from the wind generator via PWM. It is also possible to feedback energy
    at lower wind speeds, when Vout is below the grid level. This is done
    with a boost PWM.
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