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Voltage regulator question

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Jerrit Tyler, Nov 4, 2003.

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  1. Jerrit Tyler

    Jerrit Tyler Guest

    I need a voltage regulator to supply a small electric DC motor with a
    variable voltage of 3 to 6 volts at about a max of 5 amps, the input
    side is a 14 amp, 13.8 volt DC power supply.
    A search of Google found a few things that might work but not exactly,
    like the LM317 but it only is rated for 1.5amps max.

    Any help or plans is greatly appreciated, I have never built a power
    project so I am a definate newbie.


  2. Dennis Davis

    Dennis Davis Guest

    try using a transistor follower to kick up the current on the lm317
    a 2n3055 is whats generally used. I can dig up a schematic in time,but you
    could probably find one quicker with google (LM317)
  3. Jimmy

    Jimmy Guest

    With this type of circuit your pass transistor will have to dissipate around
    35 watts. I am assuming this is for some sort of motor speed control. If it
    were me I would consider using an NE555 osc wired to provide a variable
    pulse width output to drive a power FET.
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