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Voltage Regulation / Selection

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by Poorrich, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Poorrich


    Jan 11, 2013
    Hi Guys,

    I have a DC Petrol Powered generator that is supposed to output 12 or 24volts. When I check the output the voltage is anywhere between 24 to 50 volts, depending on the speed of the machine. This is leading me to think there is some kind of issue with the voltage regulator. I have a schematic but can't seem to work out how the voltage is regulated.

    Could you please let me know your thoughts on:

    A) how the voltage is regulated
    B) how the voltage is changed between 12 & 24v as only one side of the alternator seem to be connected to the rectifier.

    Many thanks in advance

    Rich :)

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  2. duke37


    Jan 9, 2011
    I see no regulator but there is a capacitor connected to a winding (SW), this may have something to do with regulation.

    VSsw switches between the two output voltages, this uses the output winding and rectifier connected in a different way
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