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Voltage Convertors for BOSE System

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Nitin, Jul 17, 2003.

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  1. Nitin

    Nitin Guest

    I have a BOSE 35 Lifestyle system. For BOSE to convert to Dual
    Voltage BOSE is charging a lot. I am taking the system to India(In
    India we have 220-240 50/60 Hz). Following are Power Rating for the
    devices, Please help me to find a better Step Down Voltage convertor.

    Media Center :
    For US I/P : 120V ~ 0.55A 50/60 Hz
    International I/P : 220-240V ~ 0.30A 50/60Hz

    And for Speaker System
    USA : I/P : 100-120V ~ 50/60Hz 350W
    International : I/P : 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz 350W

    So If I am taking a US system to India, what should be the watt of
    convertor for both the above system.

    I want the most reliable voltage convertors.

    Thank you, in advance
  2. rw

    rw Guest

    Like here in Canada you should also have a store in the states called
    "house-of-220". You can see all the transformers they got and their specs.
    You may need something in the 750W range
    And also get a US style power bar.
  3. You will require a power conversion transformer, not the solid state
    type, to supply your units with the 120 VAC. The unit you need should
    be rated to about 750 to 800 Watts. This is going to weigh a few
    pounds! You must make sure that it will come with the proper
    adabtors to fit the AC outlits where you are going. Since your units
    are marked with the 50/60 on the label, the 50 Hz line frequency where
    you are going will not be of a problem.

    Also considering the radio in your unit, it may not work over where
    you are going. In some parts of the world, the station alocation
    pattern is different. This is for both the FM and AM bands. The FM
    broadcast bandwidth may also be different as well. I would look in to
    this. If their specs are different, the radio part will be useless, or
    may play with a lot of noise and distortion.

    Jerry Greenberg
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