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voltage convertor

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Luap, Mar 20, 2005.

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  1. Luap

    Luap Guest

    I have a 110V power supply with output of 5V / 2.5A.
    I need a 240V supply and the closest I can get is 4.5V or 6V output and 3A.
    Will this do the job without damaging the equipment or do I need an
    exact match?
  2. Depends on the nature of the load and possibly also on the
    regulation of the voltage convertors.

    An unregulated supply with a nominal rating can have a
    considerably higher voltage off load or even on a partial load.

    Even an apparent exact match can be inappropriate for some
    loads if it is unregulated and the original is regulated.

    OTOH, for many types of load, 4.5 volts or even 6 volts may
    be ok instead of a 5 volt supply.

    So, please come back with more details - such as what the
    load is, whether the old and potential convertors are ac -
    ac or ac - dc, whether they are regulated or unregulated, etc.

    Even if you can't get an exact match:
    Several possibilities exist, such as adding some power
    rectifiers in series with the 6v supply to drop it to about
    5 volt - for dc. You can, of course, use a 240 - 110
    autotransformer and keep the original convertor.
  3. Luap

    Luap Guest

    It's for a D-Link router if that helps. I'm thinking what you call an
    autotrabsformer will be my safest bet.
  4. Guest
    Model VOD 100 for $9.99 It's good for 100 watts - it will easily handle
    you need. It will step the 240 volts down to 120 volts. Plug your
    existing power
    supply into the transformer.
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