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Voltage amp solution needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Pete, Aug 9, 2003.

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  1. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Hi Group

    Ive recently purchased a 10-bit resolution data acquisition card with a
    range of -1V to 1V sampling at upto 20MHz.
    Upon running a few tests ive realised that the raw voltage signal that i am
    measuring varies between around -20mV and 20mV. My problem is that the
    resolution in that range is not all that great and i fear it is too late to
    exchange for a 16-bit card (which would do the job at a much higher cost).
    Is there a basic solution where i could construct or purchase an amplifier
    off the shelf that would condition the raw signal to use the entire span of
    the card(-1V to 1V) and is also capable of performing at frequencies upto


  2. You can build a fairly simple 5X ampifier that is pretty flat up to 20
    MHz with something like an LM7171 ($2.80 from digikey) if you can come
    up with a positive and negative supply. The offset specs are not
    perfect, but you can measure that with your A/D converter board and
    subtract it from the other measured results.
  3. The video line driver on page 16 of the data sheet:

    gives the general idea, except that the two resistors in the voltage
    divider to the - input have to have a ratio of 4 to 1, instead of
    being equal, to give an overall gain of 5 (say 510 to ground and 2k
    feedback, with, perhaps a 100 ohm trim pot between them (with the
    wiper to the - input) as a gain trim. And I am assuming that you
    would put this right next ot your A/D input, so no series terminating
    resistor would be needed on the output.

    Read the application notes section for how to bypass the supply lines
    for such a high frequency opamp.
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