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Voice Recording

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Ian Cooke, Dec 16, 2003.

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  1. Ian Cooke

    Ian Cooke Guest


    My name is Ian Cooke and I work for an up start Alarm Monitoring
    company in Canada. I am looking to purchase a software package to
    record and log our telephone conversations for insurance purposes. If
    anyone out there has information it would be graetly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Spike

    Spike Guest

    You're looking for a logger of sorts, Dukane was big on that, I think, just
    call yer local cop shop and ask them what they're using.
  3. Jakes452

    Jakes452 Guest

    boy did you come to the right sure anyone you deal with is ASA
    certified.....that way you know your getting the straight scoop!!
  4. Mark or Sue

    Mark or Sue Guest
  5. Aegis

    Aegis Guest

    Did you ask whomever installed your telephone system if they had anything?
    Like a cheaper (comparatively) add-on to your existing system?
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