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voice recorder

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Jim, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Does anyone have a voice recorder board (Oatley kit. EA jan1999)
    or know where we could get one, or the chips apr9301 or apr9600. This
    board has been used for Dalby VHF amateur radio repeater and is needed
    by the Dalby Radio Club for another repeater project. Oatley no longer
    have stock. Thank you in advance for any help.
    Cheers Jim (VK4AJO)
  2. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    A search on APR9301 struck gold - amongst others, Ozitronics
    apparently stock kits.

  3. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Thanks Ken. Yes Frank at Ozitronics has the APR9301 and we have some
    coming now but we are still looking for an APR9600.
  4. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    on APR9301 struck gold - amongst others, Ozitronics
    I wasn't sure if you wanted just any old voice recorder - Tandy used to have
    a voice recorder on a small PCB for about $15 but I'm not sure if they still
    have it available.

  5. Jim

    Jim Guest

    The APR chips are ideal for the job but I don't think they are made
    any more. I have seen some boards with ISD25xx chips but we hope to
    stay with the APR if there's still a few around.
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