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Visual tour: 25 years of Windows

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Don McKenzie, Nov 19, 2010.

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  1. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    Visual tour: 25 years of Windows

    Cheers Don...


    Don McKenzie

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  2. Clocky

    Clocky Guest

  3. What's missing is this

    To get Winoze 3.0 to work you had to buy Windoze 3.1
    To get Windoze 3.1 to work you had to buy Windoze 95
    To get Windoze 95 to work you had to buy Windoze 98
    To get Windoze 98 to work you had to skip WinMe and buy Windoze 2000
    To get Windoze 2000 to work you had to buy Windoze XP
    No need to buy Vista, but must have rocks in your head if you did
    You had to buy Win7 if you were forced to buy Vista
    And Hopefully Win8 will fix the dreadful Search and File Explorer
    introduced in Vista and Win7
  4. terryc

    terryc Guest

    son of a bitch wrote:

    Naah, why would you down grade to that pile of crap.
  5. USB Drives
  6. Tom

    Tom Guest

    USB drives work on Windows 2000 - I still run one test machine with Win2000.

  7. USB1

    Trying to get USB2 drivers to work on 2000 was a nightmare.
    And if it used VIA chipsets, good luck.
  8. Chas

    Chas Guest

    How strange, the machine I am using tonight has a 2 port USB2 card vith a
    Via chip and is running Win 2000. The card is connected to the ADSL2 modem
    and the printer, both of which are working happily. What am I doing wrong?


    (To E-Mail me replace 'xxx' with tango papa golf)
  9. When you Installed did you left click or right click on the Install Button ?

    Maybe it was the Name or Organisation that was different
  10. SG1

    SG1 Guest

    Maybe you used SWMBO to install it. Mine complained at every "update" of the
    operating system since '98. Had a whinge about 7 the other day. We are still
    running XP. Ah well????
  11. NEC USB2 Chipsets seem to ring a bell.
    And if you got them to Load without a BSOD, couldn't get USB2 speed out
    of them. And after every Service Pack, back to the drawing board again.
  12. OMG, it's all coming back to me now

    USB2 was released sometime 2000, and most motherboards did not include
    USB2 on the boards for several years later. The only way to get a USB2
    was a PCI Add-In Cards. That's when the Nightmares started, the worst
    offender being Belkin Crap.
  13. And anither thing

    I remember getting a a new HP Server 2003-2004 to run SBS 2003
    And the hardware only supported USB1. And once again bit me in arse
    trying to do a Backup to a USB Disk
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