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visual damage (gfx card)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by PhendR, Sep 10, 2003.

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  1. PhendR

    PhendR Guest

    I have a PNY geforce 4 ti4200 64Meg graphics card which has sustained some
    damage. The damage is not very extensive and I was thinking to
    repair it myself. I'm proficient at pcb repair...whoever, i'm not good at
    finding proper components w/out a parts list.

    I took some close up photos of both sides of the pcb where damage has been.
    They can be seen here....


    q905 and c1267 are smoked. c1371 is slightly mushroomed on top and should be
    changed too.

    c1371 and c1267 are identical: Barrel caps 6.3V, 1000microFarad, 105 degrees
    C,...the vendor is apparently Canicon.

    q905 has the markings.....
    230 (beside this number is a small "on" w/ a circle around it.)

    not sure how to cross reference these numbers. I'm assuming that one would
    be the date code.


    their is also one trace that is damaged(open). This i could easily repair.

    I just need some help in finding the transistor(s) and the cap.

    If someone could please help me on this subject or nudge me in the right
    direction where to look, this would be appreciated.

    thanks you,
  2. Please crosspost (if you have to), but avoid multiposting.

    I believe your transwisker is a NTD30N02 MOSFET made by On Semiconductor.
    You can probably order free samples and obtain a datasheet at: [,4533,,00.html?searchString=30N02 ]

    I'm not really into searching for your exact capacitor, but you no doubt
    could get away with one of these: [ ]
    .. Ideally, you would get one rated for low ESR, like maybe this one: [ ]
    , but because I don't know the pin spacing on yours, who knows if this one
    would be suitable (it isn't immediately apparent what temperature this one
    is rated for either).

    Howard Henry Schlunder

    in message news:8iy7b.3856$...
  3. PhendR

    PhendR Guest,4533,,00.html?searchString=30N02 ] ] ]

    Thanks for this info Howard......i have the parts on order.

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