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visible light frequency generator

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I was just wondering if there are standard frequency generators
    that can create frequencies all the way up to visible light. (i.e.
    frequency = 10^14 or 10^15)

  2. John  Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Light bulbs work, but they're noisy. Lasers are better.

  3. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    An LED does that, with various wavelengths of light
    available. Depending on which color*.
    (*From the department of redundancy department.)

    You were looking for something with
    a bunch of components, none of which,
    by itself, creates light when a voltage
    is applied?

  4. Yukio YANO

    Yukio YANO Guest

    Sounds like the definition of a Carbon Arc!

    Yukio YANO
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