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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Angulos, Aug 13, 2003.

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  1. Angulos

    Angulos Guest

    Hello everyone!...I just received a call from a friend who told me that his
    computer is infected with a virus...he only told me that the name of the virus
    is W32 and that when the screen appears there's a message saying: "Your
    computer will be shut down in 32 seconds"...and in effect, that's what happens.
    Does any one know anything about this virus?..I've seen that this virus W32 has
    a lot of variants and it's very well known, but this is new to me, that it
    actually controls the time your computer is "on", so, please be alert of this
    virus and if anybody knows anything as how to fix it, please let me know...I
    know that my friend and I will appreciate very much your help.
  2. Gee whiz! It's all over the newspapers and the TV news! Try checking
    with any of the anti-virus software sites or Microsoft. There are
    detection, cleansing and prevention suggestions. Check for msblaster
    or worms.

  3. Alphie,

    'W32" is common to most viruses. You need to check the message more
    carefully to see if there is any additional information, such as
    [email protected], for instance. Then, you go to an anti virus site, such as and find out about the virus, then download a fix
    tool and run it on the affected computer. Having done that and hopefully
    solved your problem, you MUST install a reputable anti virus program and
    keep it updated weekly. You should also go to the microsoft site and run any
    security updates for your system. Finally, be careful what emails you open
    or view.

  4. techforce

    techforce Guest

  5. WbSearch

    WbSearch Guest

    please help clarify some confusion on my part. I went to the site you
    suggested and it lists a fixblaster program to download from Symantec. Then
    instructions to execute it, verify authenticity, etc. My confusion is that I
    use NAV and use live update regularly. The W32.blaster virus definition is
    listed, so won't NAV automatically repair the system when I run a virus scan?
    Or do I have to go throough all the manual steps listed?
    Thanks in advance.
  6. techforce

    techforce Guest

    DL the Windows Patch listed under the Instafix section right at the top.
  7. techforce

    techforce Guest

    Oops. didnt understand you at first. Yes, it ought to take care of it if its
    listed. The Virus is about a month old from whatI have read.
  8. WbSearch

    WbSearch Guest

    Thank you. I assumed it woiuld take care of it but I don't like to assume. I
    also had the MS patch they posted 16JL on thier update site. The media sure
    doesn't help with my confusion. The news here is playing this like it is new
    issue, not a month old. Thanks again
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