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Vintage Panasonic TV/Radio/Tape Compo

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by MLD, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. MLD

    MLD Guest

    Got a 1970 portable Panasonic Unit (AC/12 V DC). Has a 4" BW TV (UHF/VHF),
    FM/AM Radio with a tuning indicator and a Tape Player. Very Clean, looks
    like new, everything works. Had this Unit for a long time. Interested if
    any one has any idea as to it's uniqueness or value.
  2. Probably would fetch $10 a garage sale, if the radio worked.

    The main problem is the tv is next to worthless being it can't pick up
    digital stations.

    I know there is some collectables from the 70's, I think that Sharp
    spaceship design is one of them, but Panasonic made a lot of portables like
    the one you have and never heard of any of them being collectable.

  3. Phoena

    Phoena Guest

    You can put it up on Ebay for about $10,000.
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