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Viewsonic A90f color issue

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Heavy G, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. Heavy G

    Heavy G Guest

    I think I got the model right A90F the problem is, when its on it seems to
    work. but when its hooked to a computer and shows the computer's output it
    is yellow.

    so I adjust the colors and find out the GREEN color wont adjust and it is
    "locked" on the menu. and it wont let me adjust it. how can the monitor lock
    a color and refuse to change it? the green is set to like like high, and
    locked and causing everything to be yellow. is there a way to fix this? or
    is the monitor just messed up beyond repair? this monitor looks new its a
    19" someone threw it away I guess cause of the color problem. if its easily
    fixed I want to keep the monitor! anyone have any suggestions? I dont have
    any manuals to troubleshoot, and im sure that wouldnt be listed in the
    manual. thanks in advance :)
  2. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    The red and blue are the adjustable ones in this model, if I recall

    Comon causes for the fault you have, are a failure in the video drive
    circuits, or the CRT is defective. More often, it is the CRT that goes
    in these monitors.

    A tech who is properly trained in monitor service, and has the tools to
    work with, can check the monitor for you, and tell you what the fault

    Jerry G.
  3. Heavy G

    Heavy G Guest

    Actually after taking the cover off I found the problem...

    what it is, is the box that plugs into the tube on the back of the CRT
    apparently theres a bad connection cause when I wiggled it a little the
    monitor was working perfectly. I just have to turn it off and let it sit for
    a while and take the box off and check the pins to make sure they make a
    good contact. then take some plastic ties and try to secure it so it cant
    jiggle around again.
  4. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    To have proper reliability, why not properly solder the connections

    Jerry G.
  5. Heavy G

    Heavy G Guest

    I replied after finding the real problem. I soldered the connector securely
    back to the PC board and it works as good as new. all that was wrong was the
    solder joints broke loose, I would assume cause of moving the monitor the
    stress on the box probably contributed to the joinds breaking loose. but as
    I said they were resoldered and I added a little extra solder to strenghten
    the connection. its a nice monitor too. very big picture :) and it was free!
    I guess it was worth the time to disassemble it to diagnose the actual
    problem and be able to repair it easily. so whoever threw it out im sure
    would be pissed to know it was an easy fix. oh well they probably had enough
    money and bought a new one. I mean after all the one they threw away was
    only a few years old, and 19" monitors arent cheap. better for me cause I
    put it to good use :)
  6. Bill Degener

    Bill Degener Guest

    Good for you! It's rewarding to save a piece of equipment from the
    trash and fix for a little patience. I've been using 6 trinitron
    monitors I fixed (bad capacitor) for years now. :)
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