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viewing posted schematics on this site

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Ivan Vegvary, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Ivan Vegvary

    Ivan Vegvary Guest

    I am unable to view schematics posted on this site. I have changed to the recommended mono-font and still no luck. The symbols just don't line up.
    Using Windows 7 Professional and Google's Chrome browser.
    All help appreciated.
    Ivan Vegvary
  2. Daniel Pitts

    Daniel Pitts Guest

    I use Thunderbird as a usenet client. Not the best one around, but it's
    free and it shows monospaced content perfectly fine.

    I'm actually frustrated enough with the state-of-the-art newsreaders
    (both web based and native clients), that I've considered creating my
    own. Only problem is I lack the time to do so.
  3. I'll point my finger at google. (but I could be wrong.) Are you
    using the new google groups or the old one?



    George H.
  4. Hmm well my 'test' looked the same in the old and new google groups...
    So that's not it.

    Maybe google chrome? I'm not using that.

    George H.
  5. P E Schoen

    P E Schoen Guest

    "Ivan Vegvary" wrote in message
    I'm using Win7 with IE10 and its default Windows Live Mail (WLM) news
    reader. It uses a variable width font for plain text and there seems to be
    no way to change this except by changing to RTF and using Courier (or other
    monospace) font. Instead of fooling with that, I just copy/paste the ASCII
    ART schematic into a text file.

    I prefer using LTSpice for simple schematics as it allows for much clearer
    symbols, as well as simulation, of course, and subsequent editing. I also
    like to take a screenshot (Alt-FN-End) and copy into Paint and save as PNG
    and upload to my server like this:

    I also sometimes put the ASC file there as well:

  6. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    you means like this one?

    right click the down-triangle button on the right
    called "more message actions" and select "show original"

    _ test123 _ _ ____ _____
    | |_ ___ ___| |_/ |___ \|___ /
    | __/ _ \/ __| __| | __) | |_ \
    | || __/\__ \ |_| |/ __/ ___) |

    google didn't invent this messaging system, (usenet) they
    just implemneted a fairly poor web-based interface to it
  7. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    Single-line paragraphs instead of format-flowed like the rest of us,
    suggests he's using the new one.

    The new one now has view original so it's usable for reading
    ASCII-art schematics, you just need to know how.
  8. Ivan Vegvary

    Ivan Vegvary Guest

    Thank you Group !!!
    The "show original" option in Google Chrome worked just fine. So did the "copy to notepad" method that was suggested.

    Thanks again,
    Ivan Vegvary
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