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Videotapes that record picture but not sound

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mm, May 17, 2007.

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  1. mm

    mm Guest

    Is it possible to have previosly used videotapes that will record
    picture but not sound? Or sound that plays with very diminished

    I got some tapes from my uncle that I played once and then put them
    into my blank tape pool. They may have outnumbered the tapes that
    were there, and I can't tell which are which. Usually I throw away
    tapes when the picture gets bad.

    But lately I've been having trouble with both old and newly acquired
    but vouched for vcrs that do ok to excellent on the picture, but have
    no sound or very low sound. It's hard to imagine that the sound
    circuit has failed on so many vcrs at the same time, so I'm wondering
    if it could be the tapes I'm using.

    If you are inclined to email me
    for some reason, remove NOPSAM :)
  2. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Check the tapes for edge curl. A bad tape guide nay have creased the
    tapes and now they will not position properly.

    If you have a bad VCR that is recording improperly, the tape will play
    fine on that unit only, all others will have problems with the tape.

    - Tim -
  3. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    (manually) clean your sound head, that may help. Otherwise as another
    poster suggested, check teh edges of the tape for distortion. Toss any
    that are wavy.
  4. b

    b Guest

    First check the edges of the tapes as suggested. Or even better check
    on another known good vcr.
    if they are alright, chances are the Audio/control head in the vcr is
    dirty - clean it with a cotton bud dipped in pure alcohol.

    it may be useful to watch the tape path with the vcr top off. if there
    is any unevenness or slanting of the tape as it passes the a/c head
    and capstan, then the pinch roller may need replacing. This is a very
    common fault. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. check the other
    things first.

  5. mm

    mm Guest

    Thanks to all of you. You all seem to say that the only thing wrong
    with a tape that would interfere with the sound is if the edge of the
    tape is folded or wavy. So far I've only been able to check one part
    in each of two tapes but they seem fine.

    I only have 3 vcr's connected at a time, two in the bedroom and one
    for testing on the kitchen table. One has already tested bad, but I
    have to replace my water heater, fix my lawn mower and mow the lawn,
    fix the fence where the dead tree fell on it, and spray the apple tree
    (this is the last year before it is totally dead if I don't spray) so
    comprehensive testing of the vcrs, including opening them up, is

    But if you that if the picture is good but the sound is bad, it can't
    be the tape itself unless it is folded etc. then I won't waste time
    looking for old or new better tapes, and I'll put my efforts into
    finding one of my newly acquired vcrs that were all supposed to be
    working when I got them.

    Two cost 10 and 15 dollars, 3 cost 2 dollars each, 1 was free. The
    two most expensive, at a large sunday flea market on York road outside
    the beltway in front of the elementary school, neither worked. Even
    though I asked both sellers and one had a tape in it that wouldn't
    come out. It kept hitting the door, which didn't open. That was easy
    to fix, by removing the door (when I didn't see how to fix the door's
    function) but she didn't know that,

    And that same frined as in the next thread has 2 expensive ones that
    he is going to sell. I hope he doesn't forget my offer.

    If you are inclined to email me
    for some reason, remove NOPSAM :)
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