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Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Olaf van der Zalm, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Has anyone here experience building a (digital) video recorder? I want to
    build a video recorder that can work on a 12V supply and is portable enough
    to fit on a robot. Is there anyone here that has ever tried to build such an
    apparatus or perhaps someone knows were I can find usefull info on how to
    build one?


    Olaf van der Zalm
  2. Quack

    Quack Guest

    You could run a pc104 or other suitable embedded board, with a hard
    disk and a capture device (usb, pci or whatever) - run linux and
    ffmpeg to write the video to the disk. Simple but effective, you could
    write a nice interface to it so it can be controlled with simple
    buttons etc.

    I have worked with Arcom embedded boards ( -
    specifically the GX1 which comes loaded with a linux distro.
    I got this working with a 'belkin usbvision' usb capture device, nice
    and cheap - for streaming network video (using our own protocols).

  3. edz

    edz Guest

    No one makes one and I haven't seen a schematic for one either.

    Mitsubishi nearly made something along the lines you were after, (or
    it was just a test), but this was a recycling mini digi video in the
    event of a car accident. (Hit something and the cycle stops). It is
    about 5 years old and could be much improved yet no one has done taken
    the time to. (It's beyond me)

    There is a device called the memocam but this has camera, recorder and
    a pir all built in so it's too bulky. If you find a schematic that has
    a camera and flash or similar memory I'd be interested too.
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