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Video through RF cable no longer works

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bozlo, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. Bozlo

    Bozlo Guest

    We had a pretty strong thunderstorm recently, and one really close
    lightning strike. And no longer does the television video work through
    the RF cable. I tried putting it directly to the tv, to no avail. So
    now I have it going into the vcr and video/audio out to the tv. In
    other words video still works fine on the tv, just not through RF
    cable. I am guessing the lightning fried something. It is a JVC 36" tv
    (CRT), attached to a base, so not easy to move. My question is how
    easy, or not would it be to fix, and what would it cost? Thanks very
  2. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Hi Bozlo...

    Got me confused already, and I expect the others will be
    too... :)

    Video through the rf cable? Can you explain that differently,
    or perhaps in more detail?

    Take care.

  3. Guest

    i assume he means the 75 ohm cable that comes from the cable company
    then out of his vcr

    its a real bummer if you have pip and it has to be air/cable or video

    i prefer video in cause i got the diewrecktv
    do you just get the fuzz on channel 3 even with your vcr on and tv
    video set to video?

    is there any settings in the tv like air/cable or any other switches
    or menus
  4. Bozlo

    Bozlo Guest

    Yup, RF as in seen here:
    This tv doesn't have PIP, so no worries there. When the RF cable is in,
    direct to the tv, or via the VCR, it is a black screen, and the channel
    numbers show up, as does the audio that accompanies the respective
    channel. I suppose I should have mentioned that. I tried rescanning for
    channels, and it just brings them back with audio. This is the old
    style tv, the cable comes from outside, from the cable company as you
    said, and to the vcr/tv.

    Using the tv with video output (composite) from the VCR is just fine
    for now, but eventually maybe it would be worth fixing, as nothing else
    is wrong with the TV. Unless it would cost too much, since CRT TVs are
    going the way of the Dodo. Thanks again!
  5. The tuner module has been zapped, You will have to have a tv service tech
    repair that as it is not a user repair job. You are lucky in that it didn't
    zap the whole set, but still the repair will not be cheap.
    Can't guess on cost for your area, but you can figure at least 100.00 Us
    dollars to fix.
  6. tomh

    tomh Guest

    hmmm sounds like the video detector or buffer or something in that area
    is blown. If you change channels and get the correct sound for each
    channel that says the tuner, IF, and Audio det are OK. It's a little
    weird that just the video is gone as those things are usually all in the
    same IC. Perhaps it's a buffer external to the Video but before the
    switch that selects tuner or composite. It could be a simple repair or
    not depending on the set is done.
    Personally I'd do the cable to VCR composite to TV setup.
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